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There’s no better way to get fit than to shake it ‘til you make it. The PUMPS women’s gym in Woburn offers Zumba classes so that you can find your way to fitness by focusing on fun.

In our Woburn fitness center’s Zumba classes, you’ll constantly be learning new dances to accompany your favorite jams. With your attention on acquiring new steps, it’s impossible to get bored. Time will fly while you get fit!

Don’t worry about being self-conscious. Zumba is for anyone – closet dancer to ballerina, any age, and any body type. Nobody gets the moves right at first, so unless you’re a dance prodigy, you’ll fit right in. And in truth, there are no rules – as long as you’re moving and having fun, you win!

Our instructors are certified and are constantly learning new dances to share with you. They excel at helping members learn new steps without feeling criticized, and can adapt the dance moves to your needs.

Zumba is a great cardio workout that also trains balance and flexibility – yet it is so fun it feels almost effortless. Add it into your fitness program to spice things up a bit, or use it as a well-rounded workout in itself!