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The latest statistic from the health club industry indicates that there are over 30,000 health clubs in the USA. Since we are a democratic nation and all health clubs are permitted by law to run their Group X program as they see fit (pun intended), we figured it would be best to explain the “methods to the madness” here at Pumps.

To assist members that are new to PUMPS, or to assist those that are considering becoming part of the PUMPS culture, we have Q & A’d (a new term?) the most commonly asked Group X questions.

While some clubs choose to code their classes by degree of difficulty or categorize them by suggested participant’s fitness level, our approach is quite different. We prefer to toss everyone in together regardless of experience or fitness level and just see who’s left standing (if anyone)! We get a big kick out of this! Actually (and seriously), PUMPS utilizes the guidelines followed by the majority of clubs whereby all our classes are designed for all fitness levels and you simply exercise at your own pace. This type of format makes deciding which classes to take much easier as opposed to trying to rearrange your time around a “categorized” Group X schedule. It’s also a good idea to introduce yourself to the instructor and tell her it’s your first time taking the class.
All classes on our Group X schedule are included with your membership and require no additional fee. The only class that currently requires a class ticket to enter would be Spinning. If this policy changes it would be posted throughout the club (we love making signs). The Spinning studio has a capacity for 36 Spinners, hence the need for signups. Tickets for this class may be obtained at the club’s front desk beginning 65 minutes prior to class time. You may take classes at all PUMPS locations.
We recommend bringing the basics which would be a bottle of water, a towel, perhaps something to keep your hair away from your face and plenty of enthusiasm! You may also want to bring a “sharpie” to sign autographs should your fellow members be astounded by your beginner’s capabilities and you develop you own cult following. We recommend a sharpie color that would complement the PUMPS colors.
First of all, look at our staff, we are quite used to seeing people look and act like idiots everyday, so one more doesn’t really matter. Seriously though, everyone in every class was brand new to the class at one time or another. The truth of the matter is nobody really cares what you are doing and how you look doing it except you and our instructor. All of our instructors are nationally certified and went through intense training to obtain their certifications. Working with beginners is a big part of their job and an aspect they enjoy. You should be here to have fun, possibly make some new friends or contacts and improve yourself to whatever degree you desire (both physically and emotionally). Unless you are appearing on the cover of Vogue, I wouldn’t be concerned with how you “look” in the gym.
No one teaches at PUMPS without a current certification from a nationally certified fitness organization. We keep meticulous records to guarantee (for our benefit and yours) all instructor’s certifications are current ensuring they are continuously educating themselves on the “ins and outs” regarding their specific type of class or program. Programs such as Zumba, BodyPump, Spinning, Pilates and Yoga actually have their own educational requirements, certifications and specialized training. PUMPS does not have a standard criteria regarding years of experience required (hey…we’re honest!). Our instructors run the gamut from women with just a year’s experience to those that have been teaching for over 30 years! Like most clubs we firmly believe that a mixture of rookies and veterans offers our member the best of both worlds.