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Strength training isn’t just for guys – it’s just easier to work out without the guys in the way! PUMPS gym in Woburn is a place where women can push around the iron without the patronizing, ogling, lame pickup lines, and other relics of the coed gym.

At our Woburn health club, you can shrug off the attitudes that women can only daintily lift 2 lb. dumbbells and should avoid heavy lifting just in case big muscles are mistaken for curves. You are free to push the limits of your strength, grunt, sweat, and enjoy your sleek under-layer of firm muscles.

With free weights galore and machines for hitting every possible muscle group, all the equipment you could need for your strength training program is at your disposal.

Whether your strength training program emphasizes circuit training, functional training, or a more traditional weightlifting regimen, we have just what you need. Consult our certified trainers and registered dietitians to help you design a strength training program tailored to you.