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So you’ve escaped the testosterone-laden, meathead atmosphere of the coed gym. Working out hard is fine, but for best results, you know you need to work out smart, too. PUMPS fitness center in Woburn provides functional training solutions so that your workouts are targeted and applicable to your fitness goals and day to day activities.

Functional training at our women’s gym in Woburn emphasizes exercises that train you for the actual activities of your everyday life where you wish to improve performance or reduce the likelihood of injury. This requires a little planning, creative thinking, and the right equipment.

Free weights are a mainstay of functional training, and we offer a full range from the lightest to the heaviest of weights. Cable machines are also important to hit various muscle groups that can’t be worked with free weights, and we carry every kind you could need.

Besides free weights and machines, we also provide more specialized functional training equipment, such as medicine balls, Swiss balls, heavy bags, steps, body weight systems, and more!

Many of our group classes feature workouts that can be incorporated into your functional training program. Spinning, Body Pump, Stretch & Stability, Pedal & Pump, Fusion Fitness, Chisel, Rock Bottom, Power Abs, Zumba, Pilates, Barre Fusion, and Drums Alive! can all be used to play a role in fulfilling your functional training goals. For even more rigorous functional training, check out our Women Training Fearlessly group training programs.

Do you want to focus on training for your sport? Preventing sedentary injuries from your desk job? Bolstering your lifting muscles to make lugging your kid around less of a challenge? Expanding flexibility and mobility? Recovering from an injury or avoiding new ones? Sit down with one of our knowledgeable and experienced, certified personal trainers to help design a one-of-a-kind functional training program based on your unique goals and needs.