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Just because your kids come first doesn’t mean your fitness has to come last. That’s why Pumps offers our Kids VIP Lounge. A cool place where your kids can hang out and have fun while you sweat it out and not have so much fun. And… it’s the perfect opportunity to work off some stress while you leave some of your stress in our Kids VIP Lounge!

Hours of Operation
Monday – Saturday: 8:00am – 11:30am

Payment Options

  1. $5.00 per child per visit (2 hour maximum)
  2. $20.00 per month for the first child and $10.00 per month for each additional child. These are unlimited visits and payment must be through monthly auto-debit.

Rules & Regulations

  1. There is a two hour maximum per child.
  2. Children six months to 12 years of age will be accepted in the Kids VIP Lounge.
  3. The parent who signed in the child will be the only person permitted to sign out the child.
  4. Parent must remain in the club at all times and may be called to the Kids VIP Lounge if the child needs attending to.
  5. Children must remain in the Kids VIP lounge and are not permitted elsewhere in the club.
  6. Children who are sick will not be admitted in to the Kids VIP Lounge.
  7. Staff is not permitted to change diapers or administer medication.
  8. No food is permitted other than non-spill covered drinks.
  9. Toys that are deemed dangerous by our staff will not be permitted in the Kids VIP Lounge.
  10. Any child that our staff deems a constant behavioral problem will have their Kids VIP Lounge privileges revoked.